Tuesday, March 10, 2009

San Jose State Music Faculty Agree to Review Little Singers!

Yesterday I met with Dr. Diana Hollinger and Professor Sharon Brook of the Music Department at San Jose State University. They both were very excited about Singing Lessons for Little Singers and have agreed to look over the book and write their reviews about it. Other professors of voice and piano have expressed their interest in examining Little Singers as well.

Dr. Holliger is the head of the department of music education at San Jose State and brings a wealth of experience and knowlege teaching children in public school and serving on the CMEA, CBDA, Tapestry Arts board, and as chair of the education committee of the newly formed California Music Project. She has published many articles and a books on music education subjects.

Professor Sharon Brook is Senior Staff Accompanist at San José State University as well as Lecturer in music, teaching introductory music, applied piano, and piano proficiency. She also directs the collaborative piano program. For the past eight years, she has co-produced a television interview series, Crescendo, on Cable Channels 27 and 73 in Santa Cruz County.

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